Solutions that help reduce or eliminate paper-based business transactions.

Translator OfferingsTM

eSolution: Startup â„¢

Need to get started quickly?
Need to setup a trading partner quickly?

Our e.Solution: Startup â„¢ program is both a fast and efficient answer to these questions.

e.Solution: Startup â„¢ offers on-site assistance from one of our experienced e.Business consultants who provide the following services:

  • Introduction to the Translator software
  • Install setup and test:
    • Translator software
    • One communications module
  • Review / analyze Application Interface files
  • One Application Interface file definition
  • One translation format
  • Setup one trading partner relationship
  • Translation format / communications module testing
  • Operational skills transfer
eSolution: Integration â„¢

Need help integrating your translator with your business applications?
Need it fast?

With our extensive business applications experience, we deliver an accelerated Application Integration to your core business application, in record time.

e.Solution: Integrationcâ„¢ includes the activities of our e.Solution: Startup â„¢, plus the Integration of one transaction to/from your business application, including up to 3 days of testing or developing customized solutions, if required. Integration activities include:

  • Evaluation of business application requirements
  • Identify interface alternatives
  • Design / Create application interfaces
  • Test and verify application interfaces
  • Integration documentation
  • Operational skills transfer
eSolution: Map Factory â„¢

Need additional transaction sets mapped?
Transaction versions changing?
Need short-term or part-time mapping resources?

We perform the required analysis and mapping remotely. Once completed, we send them to you electronically, ready to implement!

Our e.Solution: Map Factoryâ„¢ consists of three categories of service, based upon map complexity, for a "per-map" fee:

Category 1:Mapping revisions or version upgrades to existing maps

Category 2:New map creation using existing application interface file

Category 3:Creation and revisions of maps and application interface files

Discounts available for multiple maps / transaction sets. We also provide custom business process rules / logic either in or outside the mapping for an additional fee.

eSolution: Migration â„¢

Need to migrate existing Electronic Commerce computer platforms?
Changing Networks or e.Business translators?
Migrating to new business application(s)?

Our teams have extensive knowledge and over 11 years experience with all types of migrations. We have performed migrations of translation software, communications, networks, business applications, computer platforms and operating systems. Here is a partial list:

  • Translator Migrations
  • Communications/Networks
  • Business Applications
    • All major business application software packages on all computer platforms
    • In-house-developed applications
  • Computer Platforms/Operating Systems