Solutions that help reduce or eliminate paper-based business transactions.

Transaction Management OfferingsTM

eSolution: Business Rules Management â„¢

Tired of constantly changing programs every time a new trading partner is implemented?
Have a trading partner that cannot send you data in the format that you need it?

Our teams have designed and implemented dozens of custom business rule based management applications. These applications are designed to allow trading partner specific rules to be entered and tracked in order to alter or perform data edits to incoming or outgoing data when the management system detects data for that unique trading partner. Business rule based applications may be responsible for converting a trading partners part number to your in-house part numbers, or may reformat certain records for a certain trading partner or create records for a certain trading partner. The complexities and rules are endless that can be uniquely programmed for your specific application. This means that each time a trading partner is brought on board that has unusual requirements, your existing applications and interface files do not have to be altered to accommodate the new partner, just simply add the requirement into the Business Rules management system we custom develop and implement for your application. This is also referred to as Trading Partner Management. Some of the tasks that can becomes part of the Business Rules Management system include:

  • Data field edits to alter values for certain trading partners
  • Create or combine physical data records for specific partners
  • Perform product item number conversions using a database table for certain partners
  • Determine which applications should run dependent upon partner 
eSolution: Transaction Tracking â„¢

Do you have a multitude of application systems?
Can't determine where a specific transaction failed or is located in the processing flow?

Let us develop a state of the art tracking system that will individually fit with your applications. Utilizing the latest in messaging and queuing software, we can develop a system to monitor and track each individual transaction related to your e-business processing.  These systems can be menu driven to locate where each transaction left off in a processing batch or real time environment. Instantly tell if a specific transaction made it to the processing application or was output from an application. Your tracking system can be uniquely tailored to report control numbers, partner ids, monetary amounts, or any other piece of data that you feel is important to be used for tracking purposes used to locate your data. Examples of tracking systems we have implemented in the past include:

  • Payment monitoring systems to match payment advice to outgoing payments
  • Real time alert systems to monitor for acknowledgements not being returned in a fixed time period.
  • Transaction audit trail logs to report on entry and exit from an in-house application process. 
  • Single point of error notification to track errors from multiple applications in a single location. (When errors occur in any application program, there is one place to go look no matter what application failed.)
eSolution: Process Automation â„¢

When data needs to be reprocessed, is there a lot of manual intervention involved?
Does searching through numerous files to locate past processed data and then retrieving that data to be used take much of your time?
Does your shop have any manual time consuming processes?

We can develop interactive applications that will run scripts or execute jobs through this interactive process we develop for your applications. Let us develop data entry screens to allow you to search history databases based on any range of criteria.  Whether its EDI data looking for certain control numbers, trading partner ids, order numbers, etc, or searching application data for specific values in certain fields, we can create fast search engines to locate the data you are looking for, retrieve that data into a file for your viewing, and if it is the specific transaction you're looking for, allow you to submit it for reprocessing all interactively through our menu driven screens. Manual processes that are likely candidates to automate through our interactive screens include:

  • Searching of history files/databases for specific transactions, EDI or application format, and retrieving the entire transaction matching your criteria into a file.
  • Interactive submittal of batch jobs or real time transactions to reprocess data retrieved.
  • Interactive communication calls to send/receive data to/from trading partners.
  • Creating backups of translator maps by a press of a single button if your translator has provisions for batch exporting of objects.
  • Interactively execute any application in your production processing flow from an interactive screen input.