Solutions that help reduce or eliminate paper-based business transactions.

eIntegration Consulting ServicesTM

The people. The process. The real business-world expertise. Everything you need to plan, develop, integrate and maintain your e-business capabilities with minimal effort is available through eSI2.

eIntegration: The key to leveraging your investment in e-business solutions and technologies.

eBusiness really pays off when you integrate your existing business applications, systems and data, such as pricing information, financial data, distribution information and product inventory. Integrated e-business solutions provide efficiencies and key benefits to your business, and eSI2 can help you accelerate the achievement of these benefits and build your bottom-line profitability.

eSI2’s e-Integration Consulting Service staff can provide complete end-to-end, business and integration solutions, or simply assist you with any single phase of your e-business initiatives, from strategic planning, integration of vital business applications/platforms, to web enabling existing or new applications.

  • Strategic Design / Planning: We begin by understanding your business objectives, requirements and strategies. We then apply our business, industry and technical experience with the necessary technologies to design, develop and recommend strategies that provide the best solutions to meet your corporate objectives.
  • Assessment / Planning: We evaluate all aspects of your existing e-business initiatives and business processes. We recommend implementation alternatives and develop an implementation, integration or migration strategy that utilizes e-business as a catalyst for your business processes.
  • Enabling / Integration: Successful integration with in-house and vendor applications, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, requires proven experience with business, processes, applications and information technologies. eSI2 delivers practical, integrated, high-value solutions that work seamlessly with critical business processes. Our integration experience encompasses both custom in-house developed applications and most major application and ERP vendors.
  • Translation: Our teams have honed their skills and experience since the onset of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the early '80s. We provide complete end-to-end solutions for all major translation software products (ie: EDI, XML, IXML), across all major hardware platforms and operating systems.
  • e.Solution Offerings â„¢: We have even packaged some of our most frequently requested solutions.
eSolution: Translator Offerings
  • Startup
  • Integration
  • Map Factory
  • Migration
eSolution: Transaction Management Offerings
  • Business Rules Management
  • Transaction Tracking
  • Process Automation
eSolution: Web e.Business Offerings
  • Application Web-Enablement
  • Web-Centric Application
  • Web-Ready
  • Web-Integrate
About eSI2’s eIntegration Consulting Service

Our eIntegration Consulting Practice delivers high quality, functional and integrated E-Business, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Commerce (EC) Solutions designed and integrated to meet the Client’s business requirements.

Our group has extensive experience in every aspect of effective EB/EC/EDI implementations and Business Applications integration across all industries, ranging from management consulting and strategic planning, to complete E-Business implementations, Integrated Web-based applications and rollouts of "turn-key" solutions.