Our eSolutions teams have designed, developed, implemented and integrated end-to-end E-Business Solutions at client sites around the world.  Our group has extensive experience in every aspect of effective eBusiness application development, implementations and Business Applications integration across all major industries.

  • Designed/Implemented complete EC/EDI solutions (document translation, application interfaces, and full integration into Customer’s business systems for Invoices, Purchase Orders, PO-Changes, and Acknowledgments (810,850,855,860) for major aerospace supplier in Texas.
  • Reviewed EC/EDI requirements, implemented translation mappings and exchange of EDI documents with major aircraft engine manufacturer.
  • Implemented translation mappings and exchange of four EDI documents with major aerospace corporation in Georgia.
Agriculture and Farming
  • Evaluated and assisted with selection of EC translation software and communications packages for Produce processing company in central California.
  • Installed/Implemented translation software, transaction sets and developed business application interfaces for X12 Invoices and Purchase Orders for major clothing manufacturer in southern California. .
  • Performed EC capacity/performance analysis and identified business systems capacity problems unrelated to EC-processing, eliminating manufacturing down-time for major clothing manufacturer in California
  • Advised/assisted major clothing manufacture in the southeast with selection of translation software, EDI standards education and implementation of Purchase Order documents.
  • Evaluated/defined requirements for creation of propriety EC communications network and implemented EDI transaction sets for major automotive manufacturer.
  • Reviewed EC requirements, implemented translation mappings and exchange of documents with five major automobile manufacturers.
  • Implemented EDI translation software, DI/MVS, for a shipping status inquiry system for a major automobile manufacturer. Once the system was complete, provided education and hands on training on the translation software package used.
  • Designed an EDI ordering processing architecture across multiple platforms, which would allow for maximum throughput without the loosing a single order for a major auto parts retail chain. The system also allowed for tracking of any individual order on any platform of it’s processing flow from a single platform.
  • Developed an EC Implementation Strategy and Business Plan for a 9 billion dollar financial institution in Washington state.
  • Designed and developed a premiere, leading edge, high-speed, high-volume EC-Payment processing system for the largest financial center in New York City.
  • Provided project management for application development, implementation and integration of the EC-Payment processing system between New York banking institution and largest mutual funds financial center in Massachusetts.
  • Evaluated, designed, and implemented a real-time EDI system around the Data Interchange CICS real-time translator. Provided consultation on EDI transaction flows which involved middleware software connecting the mainframe, VAX, and UNIX platforms. Performed CICS command-level coding of API programs and coding of MQ Series bridges between the mainframe and UNIX systems.
  • Implemented a payment order processing system for a major New York bank that interfaced to the Federal Reserve for funds processing and remittance advice. This system utilized the IBM DI/MVS translation software to receive and send EDI payment order 820’s from various SWIFT formats. Other EDI transactions involved were the 821, 824, 827, and 829, which also translated to/from various SWIFT formats. This system architecture also included a state of the art tracking/monitoring real time system in the CICS environment which included an alert system anytime a payment order was sent to the Federal Reserve and did not get a response in less than five minutes.
  • Implemented an EDI payment order translation system, which interfaced to a major banking institution for a major healthcare provider/hospital. The system involved translating EDI 820’s to ACH format, as well as Lockbox 823 transactions utilizing the IBM DI/MVS translation software.
  • Part of a two-man team responsible for all coding and technical design of a high profile, real-time financial transaction processing/routing application.
  • Significantly involved in daily client relations and project management.
  • Leveraged time and project management skills to deliver a robust product on time resulting in an extremely satisfied customer.
  • Assisted in the design, and implemented a document processing system for a major grocery goods broker which receives various documents from hundreds of distributors, processes them in the brokerage system, then turns around the document and sends it out in its original form to the appropriate manufacturer. The system was implemented in the AS/400 environment and supported both UCS and VICS standards on the following documents: 850/875, 810/880, 879, 997/999, 888, 860/876, 889, 855, 852, 856, 861, and 830.
    • Primary technical contact for EC/EDI functionality and direction.
    • Played a key role in implementation of Customer/Supplier-Wide EC/EDI strategy.
    • Maintained existing Purchase Order (850), Invoicing (810), Advance Ship Notice (856) and Vendor Managed Inventory applications.
    • Implemented EC translation sets with full integration to Customer’s Invoices and Purchasing Applications for major parts distributor in Texas.
    • Implemented Customer tracking application for a major animal health product distributor/retailer.
    • Did extensive work ensuring that a major bottled water distributor was Y2K ready in their AS/400 EDI applications.
    • Evaluated and advised on an EDI strategy for a major software distributor which was redefining their current distribution and delivery process. Quickly learned the current process flow and provided reengineered process flow diagrams detailing where EDI and its related software would replace the existing applications to automate processing.
    • Implemented a complete EDI solution for a veterinary drug distributor on the AS/400. The project included Product Transfer Reports, 867, to the manufacturers for sales commissions, Purchase Orders to manufacturers, and Organizational Relationship Requests/Response, 816, all coupled in a complete solution. If the outgoing Product Transfers are missing Organizational numbers, an 816 is automatically generated and sent to the Issuing organization, and the requested number then returned.
    • Created/Implemented EC transaction sets with full integration to Customer’s Invoicing and Purchasing Applications. Developed application sub-systems to interface to Customer’s business systems for those transactions sets not supported within their applications. Transaction sets developed: 810,840,843,850,855,860.
    • Implemented EDI for a major electronics distributor.
    • Worked with customers and vendors to determine EDI specifications.
    • Implemented Invoice(810) transaction with customers and suppliers.
    • Implemented Inventory Inquiry/Advice(846) Transaction with many vendors.
    • Implemented Request for Quote(840) and Response to Request for Quote(843) transactions for a electronics distribution company.
    • Implemented Purchase Order(850) transaction with customers and suppliers.
    • Implemented Purchase Order Acknowledgment(855) transaction.
    • Implemented Product transfer and Resale Report(867) with many vendors.
    • Implemented Planning Schedule With Release Capability(830).
    • Implemented Price/Sales Catalog(832).
    • Designed/Implemented EDI for major companies.
    • Write and publish company EDI Implementation Guidelines.
    • Developed EC/EDI applications with interfaces to leading Business applications such as:
      • JDEdwards
      • SAP
      • ORACLE
    • Computer Associates on operating systems such as:
      • DOS/VSE
      • MVS
      • OS/390
      • OS/400
      • Windows NT
    • Implemented and maintained leading EC/EDI Applications such as:
      • Premenos/Harbinger Trusted Link
      • DataInterchange
      • Gentran
    • Federal
      • Designed/created first X12 format of the Tax Information reporting transaction set (826), while document was still in draft status, for presentations to both IRS and State Government Tax agency officials. Application demonstrated transaction of X12 826 transaction sets from State agencies to IRS processing centers which would replace existing IRS propriety formats.
    • State/Local
      • Performed a document process flow analysis and developed an EC implementation and migration strategy for Health Claim form documents for the State of Iowa.
    • Interfaced EDI software into an existing Invoicing and Purchase Order System to eliminate hard copy mailing and faxing of existing documents for a grocery distribution plant. The application was interfaced to the existing application programs so that the current program still functioned for those Trading Partners not EDI capable and while testing those just brought up on EDI systems, thus providing a much greater rate of productivity.
    • Provided project, operations management and operations staff to support processing of IBM’s Services division CRP Service offering. Managed and provided all daily operations resources for a period of 2-years during initial service offering rollout to more than 40 manufactures and 200 retailers.
    • Designed, developed and implemented an industry first, EC business solution for a Continuous Replenishment Processing (CRP) system for the nations largest Consumer Products manufacture in Ohio.
    • Health Care
      • Generated an EC Strategic Business Plan and a Health Care Claim document (835) implementation plan for Florida’s largest HMO.
      • Installed EDI translation software, implemented/integrated purchase orders and invoice transactions to application systems of major national In-Home health care provider based in Florida.
      • Designed and implemented a translator solution for a benefit enrollment system, which included document translation, mapping education, and production JCL job stream designs for a major health care provider in California. The system utilized the 834 document, and was able to eliminate much of the application programming effort due to his experience with the mainframe DI/MVS translator and knowing it’s capabilities.
      • Advised and educated application end users on EDI audit reporting techniques and record reconciliation, and test versus production changes and implementations. Installed and implemented a second EDI system to allow test and production data to be maintained on separate systems.
      • Performed a document process flow analysis and developed an EC implementation and migration strategy for Health Claim form documents for the State of Iowa.
      • Implemented Health Care Claim/Payment Advice (835) and Health Care Claim (837) transactions for a major insurance company.
      • Implemented Eligibility Coverage or Benefit Inquiry (270) and Eligibility Coverage or Benefit Information (271) transactions for a major insurance company.
      • Implemented Report of Injury, Illness or Incident (148)
    •    Property/Casualty Insurance
      • Designed and implemented one of the first production implementations of the X12 Consolidated Invoice (811) for one of the nation’s largest property and casualty insurance companies and national automotive glass replacement retail chain.
      • Evaluated/assisted national property and casualty insurance company with X12 standards implementation of Consolidated Invoices.
    • International - Distribution
      • Reviewed EC requirements, assisted with implementation of translation mappings and exchange of EDIFACT - INVOICE and ORDERS transaction sets for major distribution companies in France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, and Switzerland.
    • International - Manufacturing
    • International - Transportation
      • Reviewed EC requirements, implemented translation mappings and exchange of EDIFACT - BAPLIE document for major shipping corporation in England.
      • Reviewed EC requirements, developed translation maps for EDIFACT - ORDERS transaction sets for major corporations in Germany and France.
    • Interfaced EDI into existing Purchase Order receiving and entry application for a major dressmaker. The system eliminated tedious order entry errors and keying for virtually every order coming ion. The "old" system would receive orders via EDI or fax and simply print them out in a PO format. The printed Purchase Order would then be split up into different dress styles available during the given season, and keyed into the order entry system. The EDI solution would receive the EDI orders, and the application programs he created would automatically split the ordered quantity into the various styles for the item code ordered, and compute the various sizes needed to fully utilized fabric, then interface this data into the existing order entry system so that no manual intervention was required. Totally automating the entire process.
    • Interfaced the IBM DI/MVS translation software to a major tobacco products manufacturer’s SAP applications system using the 850, 810, 856, 855, and 824 EDI transaction sets. The system used the DB2 database setup as an ODBC connection between the UNIX and MVS/CICS platforms as a communication mechanism across the different application platforms.
    • Designed, project managed, and implemented a translation software and network migration project for a leading manufacturer of grocery products. The translator migration entailed moving all trading partners and EDI translation maps from a DEC/VAX translator to a mainframe MVS translator without any discrepancies or differences in output from the "new" translator. The network migration part of the project entailed organizing the network cut over and overseeing all of the trading partner communications involved which the migration, and notification to the network of who and when to switch certain trading partners over from one VAN to another. This project involved 5 divisions of the manufacturer and over 500+ trading partners.
    • Provided high-level design analysis flows and recommendations for a real-time transaction processing system which was followed by design and implementation of a real-time EDI system around the DataInterchange/CICS real-time translator. Provided consultation on EDI transaction flows (inbound and outbound) which involved MQ Series middleware software connecting the business applications and communication software to VAN and Internet data traffic utilizing IBM/MVS and Windows NT platforms. Performed CICS command-level coding of API programs and coding of MQ Series bridges between the mainframe and Windows NT systems.
    • Designed/Implemented/Maintained order processing, distribution and product management applications.
    • Recognized EC/EDI requirements of major customers and suppliers, and managed the implementation of such solutions.
    • Developed Purchasing, Invoicing, and Shipping applications across multiple platforms with interfaces to EC/EDI.
    • Designed and coded Application Subsystem with interfaces to business and EC/EDI applications to provide data tracking, logging, recovery, and process control.
    • Designed and implemented picking, packing, and UCC128 labeling requirements required to capture the data necessary for implementation of Advance Ship Notice document (SH856).
    • Implemented Customer tracking application for a major animal health drug manufacturer.
    • Implemented translation mappings and exchange of EC transaction sets with major electric motor manufacturer (810,830,850,855,856,860).
    • Performed installation/implementation of translation software with full integration to customer’s Order Entry and Invoice Applications for multi-million dollar international manufacturer/supplier of wire products.
    • Performed business document flow analysis, developed business process re-engineering model, and implemented this model in conjunction with our implementation and integration of EDI/400 translator and documents to MAPICS Order Processing, Invoicing and MRP-Applications for the 810, 830,850,855,856,860 transaction sets.
    • Developed/recommended hardware/software solution for a major outsourcing project which resulted in savings in excess of 1.5 million dollars in hardware, communications, and software expense
    • Performed business application analysis/design and application re-engineering of major consumer products manufacture’s industry leading Continuous Replenishment Processing System.
    • Implemented EC/CRP system and assisted with "roll-out" to twenty major grocery manufactures.
    Oil & Gas
    • Implemented EDI translation software, DI/MVS, for nominations, capacity release, offers, bid review, capacity awards, operationally available capacity, award withdrawals, bid review withdrawals, and responses for a major northeastern gas transmission company. This implementation utilized the 840, 843, 846, 850, and 864 transaction sets.
    • Evaluated, recommended, and presented to management a realtime and batch solution for a centralized EDI function utilizing VANS and direct connects.
    • Designed and implemented a realtime system accessing online and batch application systems using EDIfast as the realtime translator.
    • Evaluated and recommended a communications package (Connect:Mailbox) for communications for the batch and realtime EDI applications. Also participated in the design and implementation of the communications which involved async and bisync communication.
    • Redesigned an old batch system to perform efficiently and communicate with Kleinschmidt, Harbinger, GEIS, and Ordernet using the EDItran translator.
    • Developed/designed EC strategy and implemented complete EC business solution, from selection of translation software, network connectivity, to application interfaces and trading partner roll-out for nation’s largest contract lens manufacturer.
    • Developed and implemented a complete EDI solution in the UNIX environment for a major furniture manufacturer/retailer. The EDI system included inventory inquiries, shipment notices, invoices, purchase orders, and various reports to both the retail stores and vendors using the 810, 846, 850, 856, and 864 transaction sets. He implemented the sending and receiving EDI system on the retailer side of the project in the PC environment utilizing a PC translator.
    • Designed, developed, and programmed an order entry system/program for the vendor side of the above project for the furniture manufacturer, which accepted/validated input from an operator, formatted the input into an EDI file, and then connected to the IBM network to send the purchase order to the distributor. The same program also produced various reports, provided archiving of data, printing of reports, and receiving any files and/or EDI transactions from the IBM network sent by the distributor.
    • Designed and implemented an UPC creation and maintenance file for a major sporting goods retailer. The system would create new UPC entries by receiving a Catalog transaction, 832 from a catalog service. The file contained a cross reference to the retailers SKU and item numbers, many of which had been in their systems for many years and did not have the correct UPC codes associated with them. He implemented a solution to extract the data coming from Trading Partner Invoices, 810s, and use the item and SKU numbers, along with the UPC codes sent from the buyers to "clean up" the existing UPC cross references by checking to be sure the UPC were valid according to the catalog file, then automatically maintaining the existing UPC files.
    • Designed a translator migration document for a leading department store retail chain, which described in detail how to migrate seven different divisions using independent translator software programs each onto a single copy of the IBM DI/MVS translation software. Several of the divisions were on a different mainframe processor using different translation software. This migration entailed 700+ trading partners per division. The document produced, contained enough detail for the client to put together a team of their own employees to implement the migration with minimal outside assistance following the documented procedures and directions.
    • Implemented wide variety of EC transaction sets for all major national retailers such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sears, JCPenney, Dillards, Macy’s, Mervyns, and many others
    • Worked on a team that planned and implemented a solution allowing a major nation-wide retailer to receive electronic invoices from their preferred shipping company.
    • Designed and implemented a complete turn key solution for a major shipping company on the IBM DI/MVS translator. The document used was the 856 Ship Notice. Documents were received in from the AT&T network, and the AT&T wrapper functions called to prepare the data for receive translation, and then translated into the application files all in a batch environment.
    • Streamlined an existing 110 Air Freight Details Invoice in which data was being sent to hundreds of trading partners on various networks and some on tape media. The current process had separate input files for each of the hundred plus TPs, and separate network profiles for each TP, even when two trading partners were on the same network. The re-designed process which was implemented, consolidated all TPs on the same network to one network profile, and one network profile for each of the TPs receiving tape media output. This way each trading partner’s data is routed to a different file if going to tape media. All TPs input data was consolidated to one input file instead of hundreds. After translation there was one file for each network to be sent, and one file for each TP to download to receive tape media. This reduced processing time by five-fold.
    • Corrected 980 processing for Function Group Totals in TDCC standards. Functional group totals were manually being calculated and mapped at the end of each 110 process. The DI/MVS translator was re-setup to automatically calculate and generate the 980 transaction which eliminated any application programming required or any application data to be generated to create the 980 transaction.
    • Managed EDI resources for a major ocean shipping company.
    • Implemented Freight Receipt and Invoice (310)
    • Implemented Arrival Notice (312)
    • Implemented Terminal Operations Activity (322) for a major ocean shipping company.
    • Implemented Application Advice (824)
    • Implemented Advanced Shipping Notice (856).
    • Participated in EDI translation software evaluation where seven software vendors presented their product.
    • Implemented EDI at a major telecommunications company.
    • Analyzed, designed, mapped and implemented the Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement(811) for a major telecommunications company.
    • Trained personnel at major telecommunications company in all aspects of EDI including terminology, X12 Standards, EDI translation and trading partner support.

    • Project lead for two-year EC/EDI system redesign for national Motor Freight firm. Played key role in project management, design and resource allocation.
    • Advisor to software selection/RFP process evaluating major EC/EDI applications on various large computing platforms. Provided recommendations and guidelines toward selection and implementation.
    • Involved in coding and technical design of EC/EDI software-to-application interfaces and subsystems.
    • Evaluated and recommended revised (current) design to handle estimated volumes of EDI transactions. This design incorporated CICS, MQ Series, DataInterchange, and Connect:Mailbox connecting to the VAN RailInc.
    • Designed and implemented a real-time EDI system around the Data Interchange CICS real-time translator. This implementation is executing 70K-80K inter/intra transactions a day and is expected to increase to 100K in the near future.
    • Implemented EDI Invoices and Purchase Order transactions for Suppliers to largest domestic airline
    • Performed EC strategic study and business application systems re-engineering evaluation resulting in an EC implementation plan for bill-of-lading and invoices documents (210,214) and application interfaces for national trucking company located in South Dakota.
    • Developed/presented EC strategic study and implementation plan for major trucking company with headquarters in Denver
    • Conducted on-site EC education and business systems analysis for major trucking company in Colorado
    • Handling the day to day as well as long term planning and implementation of a Local Area Network (Intranet).
    • Planned, implemented, and currently maintaining a security architecture for our office network.
    • Maintaining web servers and database servers to run at optimal performance levels.
    • Developed and maintained multiple web sites and web applications in both the secure and public domains.
    • Web applications include messaging applications, a Team Directory application, and a Funnel / Forecasting application.
    • Lead formal and informal instructional sessions whose objective was to familiarize other consultants with the latest technologies.
    • Worked on the development of an Enterprise wide, web based business activity tracking system.
    • Maintained and enhanced the Software Development Kit used by the web applications programming team.
    • Assisted in Network, Server, and Database administration.
    • Assisted in Training and mentoring of new team members.