eSI2 Team Resume

We are celebrating our 20th year of working with Corporations around the World, creating eBusiness solutions that reduce or eliminate paper-based business transactions, saving millions of trees and reducing a business' "carbon footprint"!

eSI2 delivers high quality, business centric and service resilient solutions for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Application Integration (BAI), Electronic Commerce (EC), or any I.T. business application needed!

Leveraging our “real-world” business knowledge, expertise and technology experience, we create solutions that:

  • Integrate with your Business, ERP, Finance and Accounting Systems and Technologies
  • Exceed business objectives and industry specifications
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Significantly improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Maximizing your Return on Investment with time-proven business solutions

We provide each one of our customers with:

  • 100% 30-day Warranty
  • World-class solutions backed by unmatched Customer Service and integrity
  • A single, knowledgeable and experienced source for all your project needs
  • Strategic development, planning and design, people and project management, integration, production implementation and operational support
  • Experience in all business and I.S. development disciplines
  • Depth of experience (20 years and counting) that is unsurpassed in the entire Business community

Our teams combine a comprehensive range of business, industry, finance, accounting, integration, technical and project management knowledge with years of skill and experience. We work with our customers to solve real-world business challenges. And we create business solutions that have an immediate, positive and lasting business impact!

  • 20+ year Reputation
  • Quality, On-Time Solutions
  • Unsurpassed Customer commitment
  • Cost effective eBusiness Solutions, centric to your Business’ needs, delivered ON-TIME and within budget
  • A time-proven reputation and passion for delivering on our commitment

Long-term Customer relationships are our passion! 100% Customer satisfaction, referrals and requests for our services again and again are the ultimate "compliments" that our customers have given us!


"Until eSI2 presented their Business Assessment  and Solution Options/Recommendations, we simply didn't know, what we didn't know".  eSI2's team of Business and Technical consultants applied their business knowledge, experience and "know-how" to not only show us what was needed, but even provided multiple solution options, complete with cost estimates for each option.  Once we selected the option that best fit our current business requirements,  eSI2 completed the project, on-time and under the budget they originally estimated.  We've used both independent and large consulting firms for many years, but none of them have ever performed and engaged with us at this level before."

Jesse R., CIO

"eSI2 took the time to understand our business, our business needs and most importantly our Customer needs.  They packaged all those needs and requirements into a ebusiness solution that provided for both our current and future growth needs."

Chris G., Information Systems Manager

"After engaging eSI2 to assist us with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transaction processing and backend application integration,  eSI2 discovered our current direction was going to cost us 5-times more than it should given their experience in our industry.  We allowed them to implement their recommended solution and they were right,  their solution cost less than 20% of the cost of the solution recommended by our own development team."

Dave R., CIO

"I was flying into Dallas to meet with some of our regional divisions' managers and called eSI2 to see if they could meet me at my hotel to discuss a large EDI project several divisions of our company was about to start.  One of their team members met with me and I hired eSI2 on the spot to not only do the work, but to manage all of the regional divisions and oversee the entire project from a corporate level."

Dr. Raymond C., CEO

"I was faced with a situation that seemed impossible.  Two of our key developers, on a time-critical Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project, suddenly quit the company on a Friday afternoon.  I contacted SI2 on a Saturday and they took the challenge to work with us on the spot!.  It has now been over seven years since eSI2 helped us through this difficult time and we continue to use their services both here in the United States and Europe."

Norman W., CIO