Built on the concept of creating eGreen Business Solutions for Customers around the World, eSI2 celebrated our 20th Anniversary in 2009.

We're committed to providing high quality, business centric and service resilient solutions for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Application Integration (BAI), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and all I.T. business applications.

Please call us today. We can usually provide a project scope quote over the phone!


eSI2 is proud to announce our strategic partnership with WiFi AccessAnywhere, providing secure, affordable and reliable wireless Internet access wherever you need it, indoors or outdoors! To learn more about WiFi AccessAnywhere, click here!

Supporting the United States of America's economy is extremely important to us. We do not outsource anything overseas. Why go overseas when the best talent in the world is available in our own backyard?


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