Case Study - E-Supplier Service

The supplier was asked but a Fortune 500 company to assist in the development of a E-Business solution to provide connectivity between their purchasing department and external vendors. The client, a $2 Billion Fortune 500 firm, is the world’s largest manufacturer of residential and business furniture.

Each item built by the client is built in response to a customer order—there are no pre-built items. Typically orders are fulfilled in between 3 and 4 weeks. Because of this, the client faced a tremendous challenge in keeping its inventory just in time.  To that end, up-to-date knowledge about their supplier’s inventory was absolutely essential in making inventory purchasing and order commitments. The client requested assistance in developing and implementing an innovative solution to their needs.

Working with the existing technology available within the client’s IT department, a solution was designed and implemented that electronically linked the supplier’s inventory directly to the desks of the I.T.’s purchasing department. This resulted in more efficient utilization of inventory, as well as increased profitability to the corporation.

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  • Corporate Portal
  • Custom Integration
  • E-Business related
    Information Management